From his constant innovation in topics and reading, it is evident that Prof. Ghazzal provides an extremely rich and intellectually demanding learning experience for our students. Indeed, there are a number of his classes that I would love to take part in myself. Unfortunately, he has been unwilling to adapt his courses to the cultural background, preparation, and interests of our students. This is especially a problem in his core classes, but also in some his upper-level courses, where his readings and written assignments pre-suppose a level of intellectual sophistication that, in my view, cannot be realistically expected of the majority of our undergraduate students. My evaluation this year, however, also reflects Prof. Ghazzal's refusal to do written course evaluations, despite the fact that I have repeatedly asked him to do so in the past. In the absence of any positive feedback from students that such evaluations might provide, I have only the complaints of specific students here last spring and reports from the Director of the Rome Center that I have received in the fall. Accordingly, I have given him a sub-par evaluation in this area for the calendar year 2001.


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